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  • Ex-Des Moines doctor cited in West Virginia VA death

    With a trail of errors behind him, Iowa doctor hired by a VA hospital in West Virginia.

  • There is a database, but it costs to search
    Source: Des Moines Register (Thursday August 14, 2014)

    The National Practitioner Data Bank is what state licensing boards use to research a doctor’s background but the AMA says it’s not reliable. Why is it acceptable to use this information to license a physician but not show it to the public?

  • Hospital privacy curtains laden with germs
    Source: Reuters (Thursday September 22, 2011)

    Two-thirds of hospital privacy curtains tested positive for potentially deadly bacteria (including MRSA), a University of Iowa study shows.

  • Iowa Doesn't Require Reports of Medical Errors
    Source: KCRG-TV9 (Sunday April 9, 28)

    Iowans have no way of knowing how their local hospital is doing when it comes to preventing medical errors, because the reporting is voluntary, aggregately and not hospital-specific. Iowans deserve to have hospital-specific information about medical harm so that they can make informed healthcare decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

  • Iowa: Hospital Associated Infection prevention steering committee sets healthcare- associated infection reduction targets for the new year
    Source: Iowa (Monday September 20, 2010)

    “The HAI prevention targets include a 25 percent reduction in catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) and a 30 percent reduction in Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) related to hospitalization.”

  • Hospital infection data go unreported
    Source: Des Moines Register (Sunday February 21, 2010)

    The State of Iowa does not require public reporting of hospital infection rates, leaving patients in the dark.

  • What are these? Iowa Hospital Report Cards - Infection Control
    Source: Iowa Public Television (Thursday March 26, 2009)

    Links to hospital safety information in Iowa.

  • Group Advises Stopping Flow of Gifts to Doctors
    Source: The New York Times (Wednesday April 29, 2009)

    In a scolding report, the nation’s most influential medical advisory group said that doctors should stop taking much of the money, gifts and free drug samples that they routinely accept from drug and device companies. Supports Grassley/Kohl legislation legislation that would require drug and device makers to publicly disclose all payments made to doctors.

  • Grassley Probes Financing of Advocacy Group for Mental Health
    Source: Bloomberg News (Monday April 6, 2009)

    The Iowa Republican, in a series of hearings and investigations, has focused on financial ties between the drug industry, doctors and academic institutions.

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