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  • The ties that bind?

    Data released from Minnesota has given the public a glimpse of the nature of some doctors’ financial relationships with drug companies.

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  • Preventing Wrong-Site Surgery in Minnesota: A 5-Year Journey
    Source: Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare (Saturday December 1, 2012)

    Wrong-site surgery procedures in Minnesota are beginning to change practices and outcomes

  • Minnesota: Comprehensive Quality Improvement and Payment Reform

    Learn about Minnesota’s efforts to alter its payment system for preventable hospital acquired conditions and events that harm patients.

  • Minnesota Health Scores

    Minnesota HealthScores is a non-profit Web site that provides information on the quality of health care in Minnesota and surrounding areas.

  • Testimony in support of hospital infection reporting implementation

    Testimony by Jason George, legislative and political organizer for the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49, before the MN House Health Policy Committee on hospital-acquired infections.

  • Patient Safety

    Minnesota releases adverse events report released. The report identifies 27 different “medical errors” (such as operating on the wrong part of the body or wrong patient) and “adverse events” (such as patient falls, suicide, and abduction), it does not include hospital-acquired infections. A new bill filed in the MN legislature (HF 87) will require inclusion of hospital infections in the future.