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News Articles

  • Pitt study calls for changes to national infection control policies
    Source: Pittsburg Tribune Review (Wednesday August 22, 2007)

    University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine 20-hospital study showed that monitoring institutional water systems can help predict the risk of hospital-acquired Legionella pneumonia, better known as Legionnaires’ disease.

  • Report on MRSA to show superbug is widespread in hospitals
    Source: Medical.Net (Sunday June 24, 2007)

    Report on the results of the first nationwide study on the prevalence of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in U.S to be released.

  • Two bacteria strains, Two challenges
    Source: Dallas Morning News (Thursday May 3, 2007)

    MRSA is getting a lot of attention nationally because of its increasing prevalence and virulence.

  • States push to disclose hospital infection rates
    Source: National Public Radio (Saturday March 11, 2006)

    Listen to the NPR Morning Edition story on how an increasing number of states are passing hospital infection report laws and read an interview with Dr. Rick Shannon of the Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh about how hospitals can prevent infections.

  • Deadly Hospital Germ Is Spreading in U.S.
    Source: Washington Post (Friday December 2, 2005)

    A new, more dangerous strain of a germ that has long caused diarrhea in hospital patients is now widespread in the United States, causing severe, sometimes deadly outbreaks around the country, researchers reported yesterday.

  • Coming Clean
    Source: The Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths (Monday June 6, 2005)

    Infections that have been nearly eradicated in some other countries are raging through hospitals here in the United States. The major reason? Poor hygiene. In fact, hygiene is so inadequate in most American hospitals that one out of every 20 patients contracts an infection during a hospital stay.

  • National TV series on hospital acquired infections

    Ivanhoe Broadcast News, a national TV syndicator of health related news, has an excellent 3-part series on hospital infections. The series is being broadcast in approximately 100 stations throughout the month of May 2004. Part 3 of the series, “The Right to Know,” includes an interview with Earl Lui of Consumers Union. Click here to get the text of the entire series.

  • Editorial: The Right to Know / Information on hospital performance needs to remain accessible to public
    Source: The Buffalo News (Friday October 3, 2003)

    The United States Senate is on the verge of approving legislation that could decrease the quality of hospital care in New York and elsewhere around the country. It needs to take a moment to be sure it doesn’t. The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act allows hospitals to shield medical error data from public scrutiny. It adopts a popular and plausible theory that holds that doctors will own up to mistakes, thereby improving the practice of medicine, if they feel they are not sacrificing their careers. But the bill may have other, more insidious effects, if critics such as Consumers Union are correct.