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Consumers Union Documents

  • Consumers Union petitions the FDA on drug safety

    All too often, drug advertisements fail to present the benefits and risks of using prescription drugs in an accurate and balanced way.

  • Legislation, 110th Congress

    Hospital-acquired infection public reporting bills and antibiotic resistant protection and prevention bills under consideration in Congress.

  • Read the text of HR 2900, the House drug safety bill

    Read the text of key provisions of HR 2900, the House version of the drug safety bill now on its way to the floor for a vote. Your representative will get a chance to vote on this bill in July. Help us make sure he or she votes YES! The full bill can be viewed at by searching for the bill number HR 2900.

  • HR 2900 continued

    Section 603 through Section 901 of HR 2900.

  • HR 2900 continued to end

    Section 901 to the end, key sections of HR 2900. To view the full bill, visit and search for bill number HR 2900.

  • Testimony of Jim Guest President, Consumers Union, before the House

    On PDUFA, Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategies, Clinical Trials, and Advisory Committee Conflicts.

  • Summary of Testimony of Jim Guest

    On PDUFA, Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategies, Clinical Trials, and Advisory Committee Conflicts

  • Putting patient safety first & fixing our drug safety system

    Recent controversies surrounding the safety of highly advertised, blockbuster drugs have eroded Americans’ trust in our drug safety system.

  • Battle for drug safety moves to House floor

    A March 2007 Consumer Reports national poll found that more than 60 percent of Americans agree that the Food and Drug Administration and Congress have failed to adequately protect them from harmful prescription drugs.

  • Text of S. 1082 Senate Drug Safety Bill

    Food and Drug Administration Revitalization Act (Engrossed as Agreed to or Passed by Senate)

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Consumers Union News Releases

  • CDC publishes sobering stats on hospital infection

    In a newly released study, the CDC estimates that there are 4.5 hospital infections for every 100 patient admissions and nearly 100,000 deaths from hospital infection. This long awaited assessment was published in the March-April 2007 journal, Public Health Reports and can be found on the CDC’s website.

  • BOSTON, ORLANDO, DALLAS, SAN FRANCISCO and CHICAGO host meetings on hospital quality

    If you are concerned about hospital quality, you have a chance to attend public meetings in Boston, Orlando, Dallas, San Francisco and Chicago in the months of April, May and June and let the federal government know what’s on your mind.

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Blog Posts

  • CDC Endorses Public Reporting of Hospital Infections

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a very clear statement today on public reporting of infection rates, prompted by the Consumer Reports article “Deadly Infections” – a real step forward!

  • Hospitals, get with the program

    Hospital-acquired infections rarely make national headlines, but today, “Deadly infections” hits magazine racks across America in the March 2010 issue of Consumer Reports, published by Consumers Union.

  • Joint Commission: Time to Highlight Outcome Measures

    The Joint Commission (a private membership and hospital accreditation body) has released its 2009 Annual Report on Quality and Safety providing a summary of rates for performance measures for a number of evidence-based treatments for heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical care between 2002 and 2008.

  • Dead by Mistake

    Check out this new collection of medical errors reporting: “Dead by Mistake”

  • House health reform bill tackles hospital infections

    Our message caught on! A coalition of House Democrats have included public reporting of hospital-acquired infections in their reform bill (HR 3200), and reducing payment to hospitals that aren’t doing enough to prevent infections.

  • Medicare releases data on hospital readmissions

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced last Thursday that it has added readmission rates for more than 4,000 hospitals across the U.S to its Hospital Compare website. With proper care, most people should not have to go back to the hospital shortly after release. This is a key indicator of quality and varies a lot between hospitals.

  • Preventing hospital infections would save lives—and billions

    Hospital groups have reportedly agreed to smaller payments for Medicare and Medicaid services, and less reimbursement for caring for the uninsured, if and when health reform is enacted. So far, however, health care reform proposals have not sufficiently addressed a key aspect that would save money and the lives of thousands of patients: Preventing hospital infections.

  • Patient Safety Activists Represent Consumers at Presidential Health Care Forum

    Four patient safety activists – all who have been personally affected by medical harm – were among the 164 participants in ABC’s televised health care forum held with President Obama. Understandably, they came armed with questions but didn’t get to ask them. So we wanted to give them a chance to get their questions in front of the public and lawmakers here on this blog.

  • VA officials get probed for using non-sterile instruments on patients

    U.S. lawmakers held a hearing a few weeks ago to figure out why VA officials still weren’t following proper procedures for cleaning endoscopes that put more than 11,000 veteran patients at risk.

  • Not Another Ten Years

    Our new report “To Err is Human – To Delay is Deadly” calls attention to the IOM’s unfulfilled call to action.

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Research and Reports

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