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  • Discount drug cards underscore need for a national solution

    Some cities and counties are trying to fight high prescription drug costs, but we really need Congress to act.

  • What’s up, Doc?

    Is your doctor being bought by drug companies? Wish there was a way to find out?

  • The race to get vaccinated

    At least 20 states have recently introduced bills that would require that all young girls receive the vaccine for the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer. The vaccine, Gardasil was only approved by the FDA last June.

  • U.S. official lobbies Britain on behalf of drug industry

    Put this one in the jaw-dropping-to-the-floor category: The Guardian reports that U.S. deputy health secretary Alex Azar urged his British counterparts to open the British national health system to more drugs and pushed for direct-to-consumer (DTC) drug ads in Britain.

  • Study says Medicare Part D premiums to jump 87%

    The Washington Post reported today on a new study suggesting premiums for Medicare prescription drug plans will rise by a whopping 87% next year. The report by Families USA, a national health consumer group, also says fewer states will have plans offering full coverage for most drugs needed by seniors.

  • Survey finds close ties between drug companies and patient groups

    The New Scientist’s recent survey describes how some patient groups get substantial funding from drug companies.

  • Former FDA chief pleads guilty to conflict of interest charges

    Former FDA chief, Lester Crawford, who resigned after 2 months on the job, has plead guilty of charges of conflict of interest and lying about stock he and his wife owned in companies the FDA regulates.

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