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  • Former skeptic believes in preventing hospital infections

    A few years ago, Dr. Manoj Jain was skeptical of hospital infection reduction—thinking hospital infections were the norm for ICU patients

  • MRSA series: Culture of Resistance

    The Seattle Times’ new three-part series on MRSA, the antibiotic-resistant superbug that’s killing thousands of hospital patients every year made me want to wash my hands over and over like Lady Macbeth.

  • You Score Higher Marks than Doctors

    According to new FDA data, consumers like you make up the majority of drug adverse event reports submitted, replacing physicians.

  • Sick in the USA

    Our bodies get sick sometimes. But if we look at the American health care system as a living body itself, we’re waiting in the ER. (A review of PBS’s Frontline film “Sick Around the World”)

  • Common sense shouldn’t take two years – unless it’s the FDA

    Should it really take two years to study a common-sense proposal to make drug ads better for consumers? Not unless it’s the Food and Drug Administration, which has taken foot-dragging to new heights

  • Some Hospitals Provide Rxs for Error, Dissatisfaction

    You may remember Dennis Quaid from The Parent Trap but nowadays he’s speaking out against medical errors…

  • Antidepressant meta-study sheds light, or dark, depending

    A really long time ago, Aristotle said, “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”

  • Drugmakers in hot water with NY Attorney General

    A newly released study indicates that Vytorin, an expensive new cholesterol drug, is no more effective than an older drug Zocor. Although the drug makers got these results in April 2006, they failed to release them to doctors and the public–meanwhile earning $5 billion in revenue from sales of this drug last year. Sadly, we’re not shocked.

  • Recap of Medicare Part D in 2007

    Open enrollment for your prescription drug plan under Medicare Part D ends today. Over 1,800 private insurance plans to choose from, but they all cost too much, and the costs keep climbing.

  • Discount drug cards underscore need for a national solution

    Some cities and counties are trying to fight high prescription drug costs, but we really need Congress to act.

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