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  • Families urge Congress to reform drug safety system

    Last week, over a dozen families traveled to DC to urge Congress to pass strong drug safety reforms this year.

  • No more free lunches

    There is a movement to stop industry financing of medical education by a group out of Georgetown University. Last year, the drug industry spent around $1 billion on Continuing Medical Education courses or CME’s for physicians.

  • Medicare negotiation passes House!

    The US House of Representatives yesterday voted 255-170 in favor of requiring the HHS secretary to negotiate drug prices with drug manufacturers for Medicare Part D plans…

  • Senate Told to Strengthen Drug Safety Bill

    The U.S. Senate’s Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee held a hearing yesterday on an important bill to reform the FDA. For the most part, everybody asked the panel to make the bill stronger, according to a story in the Washington Post. Everybody that is, except the drug industry.

  • Med schools coaching students on how to handle drug reps effectively

    Some med schools now are starting up projects for their students to help them challenge drug company sales reps when they attempt to wine and dine docs.

  • Study says Medicare Part D premiums to jump 87%

    The Washington Post reported today on a new study suggesting premiums for Medicare prescription drug plans will rise by a whopping 87% next year. The report by Families USA, a national health consumer group, also says fewer states will have plans offering full coverage for most drugs needed by seniors.

  • Time to stop playing games with generic drug approvals

    “When is a citizen not exactly a citizen? When it’s a pharmaceutical company looking to increase its profits,” writes Consumers Union President Jim Guest in a column in the current issue of Consumers Reports. Jim’s column explains how brand-name drug companies interfere with the marketplace by unfairly blocking generic drugs from competing with the brand names.

  • Millions of Californians will soon enjoy lower drug prices

    On August 31st the California legislature passed a bill that would require drug companies to lower their prices, or risk being shut out of the state’s Medicaid program, or Medi-Cal. Governor Schwarzenegger is expected to sign the measure. Many thanks goes to our CA activists who helped us achieve this victory!

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