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Drug companies manipulate research findings

December 27, 2005

Drug companies manipulate research findings

Jennifer Washburn (author of University.Inc: The Corporate Corruption of American Higher Education) publishes original documents in the online magazine Slate supporting contentions that Proctor and Gamble ghost wrote research findings for its researchers and refused to allow researchers full access to the underlying data.

The article incited this strongly worded protest against the research institutions involved and the drug company by Vera Hassner Sharav of the Alliance for Human Research Protection:

“These documents provide a roadmap of (as SLATE aptly calls it) “fraud in science”- in particular, they demonstrate that when academic research institutions enter into partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, they compromise their integrity and the integrity of academic scientists who can no longer trust either their academic colleagues or the institution to act in good faith to protect the integrity of Science.

The documents confirm the company’s refusal to provide Dr. Blumsohn access to key data, and efforts to ghostwrite his analysis for him. And they reveal that 40% of the clinical trial data was “missing” from P & G’s data analysis of the Actonel trial-which a P & G official explains as follows: “Because that is contradicting our original manuscript.” he said. “I just know what Merck are like. I think they are going to use it.””