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Modern medicine: 5 technologies that will impact medicine in 2022

It is not news to any doctor and health worker that the use of new technologies in Medicine has evolved at an impressive speed in recent years. In addition to the accelerated pace of advancement of technological tools, the Covid-19 pandemic was an agent that facilitated the debureaucratization and digitalization of Medicine, a process that is still ongoing and should impact the area for many years to come.

In addition, the pandemic has put researchers and professionals side by side in the exchange of experiences and the development of new technologies. In this post, you will check out some of the technological tools that are already impacting the area of ​​Health and Medicine as a whole and should be essential in 2022. Check it out:

‍‍Wearable devices that record patient health data

They are electronic equipment called “wearables”, from wearable English. The best examples are smartwatches, electronic sports bracelets and other devices that are attached to the body that have sensors that can take various measurements, such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, oximetry.

These small devices are connected to the internet and can transmit the data to servers that store patient data. This information can be used both for routine consultations and for the improvement of individual and collective treatments of various diseases.

Use of telemedicine

The popularization of the domestic and mobile internet, as well as the increase in data transmission speed, makes the practice of telemedicine increasingly possible. Online consultations can be made by video calls and even phone calls. In this way, doctors are able to serve patients in remote regions, make more calls per day and reduce the cost of consultations.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the practice was authorized by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM). While this model is in its infancy in Brazil, in the USA and in Europe it is widely used in the public and private network. ‍

Use of telemedicineMedicine on demand via app

In addition to telemedicine, the advancement of the internet among the different regions of the country makes it possible to create exclusive applications for medical services. Professionals from different specialties can offer their services to private healthcare companies that, through mobile applications, provide patients with healthcare professionals available for online consultations in real time.

‍Precision medicine

Precision medicine is a model that brings together knowledge from different scientific fields with the aim of customizing treatments according to the genetic profile of individuals. For this, it depends on the genetic mapping of the patient, in order to discover unique characteristics that define the person’s health.

As a result, therapies can be more effective and have fewer side effects.

We can mention here the CRISPR technique, which is nothing more than a type of genome editing (also called gene editing), a group of technologies that gives scientists the ability to change the DNA of an organism and can be used in the treatment and prevention of several diseases of genetic character.