Severed nerve and inappropriate medical device from hip surgery results in permanent disability

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My mother had hip surgery during which the doctor, unbeknownst to my mother or her rehab crew, severed a nerve. After several months of my mother not getting the mobility or correct walking gait back, the doctor insisted it would only take more rehab. After one year of this doctor doing nothing else proactive to figure out my mother’s problem, I brought my mother to San Antonio. Through the help of a doctor friend, I got her to see the best remedial Orthopedist in town. He was hopeful until the MRI came back showing that not only was the appliance in her leg LONGER than it should have been, but that the muscle connected to the severed nerve was now jelly and would never be able to rejuvenate itself. My mother went from having pain in her hip before the operation to a permanently impaired gait (a Trendelenberg Gait) that requires a walker at all times. I enlisted a lawyer friend in New Jersey to see about suing. He could find no doctor who was willing to testify in court against this high-profile orthopedic medical group: so powerful is the doctor whose name is on this business.