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There are some great classics that are often banned on diets. But in the kitchen, if you use your imagination, anything is possible. For example, do you fancy a carbonara? Prepare the carbonara light that Melarossa offers you, you will see that it works!

5 – Eat healthy and enjoy your meal, one bite after another

Eating balanced meals is essential for harmonious weight loss. Whether you eat pasta, whether you have a quick lunch with a sandwich, savor the pleasure of eating calmly, chew well and remember to drink water and avoid fizzy drinks.

But you don’t always have the time to plan: for those who live a somewhat hectic life or who have an intense work pace, Melarossa has created a sandwich diet. In this way, you will have the security of eating balanced even when you are at work.

The Early Impact of a Heart-Healthy Diet | Northwestern MedicineRemember to take your time to eat – don’t eat while you work, but rather enjoy a relaxing break as well. Chew slowly and don’t eat quickly: this way the feeling of satiety will come sooner and last longer.

  • 6 – Never leave the fridge empty
  • tricks to eat healthy empty fridge
  • When the fridge is empty, the temptation to eat is even greater: either you accept an invitation to the restaurant or there is the risk of emptying the cupboard.

The first step to not go overboard is therefore to go shopping at least 2 times a week to diversify your diet. Melarossa also offers a plate replacement service, so the more fresh food you have in the fridge, the more you can vary.

A trick: if you are distracted, stick post-its on the fridge when an ingredient is about to run out, so you won’t forget to buy it!

7 – Never skip breakfast

Never skip breakfast! Breakfast, in fact, is a very important moment of the day: from breakfast 20% of the entire day’s caloric needs should arrive.

Eat your fill and take the time to enjoy your first meal. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is important to the success of your diet!

If you don’t feel like eating the same things over and over and you don’t have any imagination, you can try Melarossa’s light recipes for breakfast: varying is important to keep your appetite alive.

Healthy Diet: Fact vs Fiction - CFPENTo rediscover the pleasure of eating light and healthy, take the time to cook on the weekend or during the week, depending on the time you have available. What a satisfaction to make homemade bread!

Read our cooking lessons and learn how to julienne vegetables, try adding some spices and you will see that you will become very good at making light but tasty dishes: this is the motto of Melarossa!

  • 9 – In the kitchen with your himtricks to eat healthy in the kitchen, in the kitchen with your boyfriend
  • Rediscover the pleasure of sharing, of preparing creative dishes with your sweetheart starting from the base of the Melarossa recipes.

By spending time in the kitchen with you, your boyfriend will also be convinced that eating healthy does not mean eating sad, and living this moment together will create a new complicity between you.