Still in chronic pain years after MRSA infection

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I ended up with MRSA after a major back surgery. It spread to my incision and my back still has an open wound draining this infection that my surgeons nurse claims is S. Aureus. Surgery date was November 29, 2007, I was released from the hospital on December 4, 2007. By December 8, 2007 the incision was bright red and oozing. I returned to the surgeons office on December 10th to start the draining process. This went on for two day’s and a follow up with the docotr on the 13th. doctor said it is lookin better, but still have a open wound and it is January 1, 2008. I believe I got this infection from the dirty hospital conditions and the lack of quality nurse care. Most of the RN’s were 23 to 24 years old and had no training on patient care. I am very concerned that there is an epidemic at this hospital and others are subject to the same bacterial infections at this hospital.

Update (September 2009): It has been almost two years post op and I feel worse than I did before the surgery. I have since moved to Montana last February with my job and am still in chronic pain and having to take meds for the pain. The back pain is still lower and mid back from what could have been from the infection, who knows !!! No one would admit it.

My orthopedic surgeon stated that I could have had perm nerve damage from the infection and the surgery. From where the incision was reopened and while I was on the wound VAC that probably kept my muscles and other body parts from healing correctly. I have a real difficult time walking 100 yards or less, I must stop and bend over to relieve the pain which starts up as soon as walk again. Live with the back pain if you can, surgery is not always the answer.