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Stories about Doctor Accountability

Bladder cancer diagnosed too late
Posted 05/27/09 by Joan Clayton of

My Mom, Joan Clayton, went to her regular doctor in August of 2007 with bladder problems. Instead of referring her on to an urologist when the symptoms did not improve, they kept trying different creams, antibiotics, powders, etc. She saw 3 different doctors, 5 different times, over a period of 4 months, after which she figured she had a prolapsed bladder and would have to live with it.

Doctor Failed to Diagnose Crushed Vertebra for Four Months
Posted 05/26/09 by Allan of Leominster,

A Primary Care doctor failed to diagnose a crushed vertebra T-12 for four months of extreme patient agony. The patient was my mother, an 82 year old woman who repeatedly visited the hospital and PCP complaining about back, hip, and leg pain. Nothing was done until I insisted a referral be made outside this “zoo-like” hospital- to a real doctor! The spine clinic doctor ordered an MRI which immediately revealed that T-12 had been crushed during a fall on Feb. 14, 2007. MRI wasn’t read until June 10th, 2007.

Oxygen Deprivation and Medication Error Results in Severe Mental Distress
Posted by Valerie of Redondo Beach,

My dear father, a 77-year old man with a history of pulmonary problems, suffered irreversible brain damage when he was deprived of oxygen and received a large quantity of pain and anti-anxiety medicine which caused him to go into respiratory arrest. He needed an MRI to diagnose some extreme back pain, and was transported via ambulance from the hospital to the hospital’s MRI facility across the street without his oxygen. He was also without oxygen for the duration of the MRI.

Surgeon Misrepresented His Skills And Risks Of Surgery
Posted 05/22/09 by Bobbie Jane of Santa Rosa,

I received a surgery I never needed that was barbaric, called Thoracic Outlet Surgery. My website is The surgeon misrepresented both his skills and the risks of this surgery–on a form I signed. He cut out half my neck and my first rib and paralyzed my diaphragm muscle, paralyzed my scapula muscle, all for no reason. He also caused severe damage to my neck structures and more.

Kidney Transplant Error Caught on Tape
Posted 05/20/09 by Cindy of Norwalk,

On April 6, 2006, a Cleveland hospital did a kidney transplant on my son with his aunt as the donor. The head of transplant surgery and the head laparoscopic surgeon did the surgery. They ripped the kidney out of the donor, killing the kidney and injuring the donor so badly that she had to have a second surgery to repair the leaks in her and she was left unable to have children. They put the dead kidney in my son.

Thirteen Month Old Daughter Dies of Medical Errors
Posted by John of Pembroke,

The medical error we experienced was the death of our 13 month old daughter, Taylor. I lived every parent’s nightmare of losing a child and this is especially difficult because our child should be alive today, but because of medical errors, she is not. Here are the reasons why, and you…

Angiography Error Resulted in Hemiplegia
Posted 05/19/09 by Ray of Land O Lakes,

In 1992, an intern just out of med school was allowed to perform angiography on my wife. He got the catheter tangled in the aortic arch, and failed to realize a “redundancy” was preventing the tip from advancing along the internal carotid. When he tried to correct the redundancy, the tip of the guide wire sprang forward causing a dissected carotid artery.

Father Contracted C. Diff in Hospital Following Hip Replacement
Posted 05/17/09 by Cheryl of Sun City,

My father received the hip surgery in the beginning of November 2007. The doctor was only going to repair the old replaced hip. As it was, he replaced the hip and the doctor used shorter screws and the ball fell out, but the doctor and staff never brought my Dad to x-ray to follow up because he is old.

Father dies after 26 medical error ordeal
Posted 04/16/09 by Alexandra of Binghamton,

My father, aged 88, was admitted to the hospital for second and third degree burns on his buttocks and heels. He was placed on his stomach, without IV, with water in a glass on the nightstand out of his reach. He regurgitated acid from his stomach in the position he was laid, and could not drink when he needed to.

Nearly shocked to death by defibrillator
Posted 04/11/09 by Jerome of DeBary,

My defibrillator fired fifteen times until I finally told them to turn it off. I said my goodbyes to my wife and told her I loved her, thinking it was over for me. The shocks stopped and nothing happened, much to my surprise, as I thought I would die. I later found that nine of the fifteen shocks were not programmed.

Stories about Hospital Infections/ Superbugs

Alice Buehring of Gold Bar, Washington
Posted 06/04/06 by Alice of Gold Bar,

After taking a bad fall in January 1999, Alice Buehring required surgery to replace the humeral head in her right shoulder. Unfortunately, her recovery was painful and mostly unsuccessful. By May 1999, she discovered why. It turned out that Alice developed a Pseudomonas A infection in the surgical site, which was fast becoming septic. She spent the next week in the hospital on IV antibiotics to treat the infection. She was discharged to continue her IV treatments at home for another six weeks followed by oral antibiotics for another six weeks.

Sandi Sampson of Boaz, Alabama
Posted 03/01/06 by Sandi of Boaz,

When I had ankle replacement surgery in December 2003, I looked forward to finally recovering from a broken ankle bone I injured in my backyard. Unfortunately, I left the hospital not only with a new ankle, but also a staph infection from my surgery.

Mark Bennett of Maryland
Posted 02/07/06 by Michael of Baltimore,

Mark Bennett was a vibrant and independent 88 year-old World War II combat vet when he entered the hospital in February 2004 with a virus. Hospital personnel passed to him at least six different bacteria including fecal bacteria found in his sputum, multi-drug resistant strains throughout his body and a “flesh eating” bacteria that took his leg. His kidneys were destroyed, his trachea collapsed, his heart was damaged and his blood was poisoned. He went undiagnosed for days, was left untreated and received wrong medications. Despite daily visits to the hospital, his family was never informed of his conditions. After four months and having been moved through five different hospitals, Mark Bennett died.

Glenn Cartrette of Castle Hayne, North Carolina
Posted 02/02/06 by Glenn of Castle Hayne,

On January 1, 2003 my husband, Glenn Cartrette, had knee surgery. After three weeks he went back to work and found he had a new pain in his hip joint which grew worse during his 17-hour workdays. Glenn had a full hip replacement in October. After the two surgeries, pain began…

Daughter advocates for ailing father suffering from hospital infections
Posted 01/25/06 by Jeannine of Hebron,

Back on July 8th, 2004, my father went into the hospital for what his surgeon said would be an easy valve replacement with the expectation he would be out of the hospital within 7-10 days. My father was 79 and in relatively good shape and a well built man.

Daughter faces lifelong health issues due to the carelessness of her medical providers
Posted 01/08/06 by Fred of

My 14-month old daughter (with an ongoing brain condition but in great health) was admitted to a Seattle children’s hospital on 11/10/2005 for implantation of a shunt. An infection occurred as a result of the surgery and she was readmitted on Thanksgiving, 11/24/05. She had subsequent new and overlapping infections.

Health problems persist after healthcare-acquired infections
Posted 12/01/05 by Lois of

In June of 2000 I went to a Gastroenterologist because I had an attack of diverticulitis. This doctor’s way of diagnosing was to press down on the area and if the patient showed extreme pain then the patient had the disease. That’s why I had to have a colon resection. I received no antibiotics.

Abdomen surgery to recurring MRSA infections and multiple surgeries
Posted 10/06/05 by Jeannette of Glenrock,

I had what was supposed to be a minor surgery August 13, 2002. I was sick for the next 2 weeks. I had emergency surgery on my abdomen on August 27, 2002. I was in the hospital from August 13 till the third week of September.

Spinal surgery leads to infection and long-term back pain
Posted 10/09/04 by Name Withheld

I had spinal decompression, laminectomy and 3 level lumbar fusion, performed by 2 neurosurgeons at the largest hospital in my state. Four days after discharge to my home 75 miles away, I started to have a fever and pussy discharge from main incision. I was admitted to local hospital which did appropriate cultures, finding that I had M.R.S.A, a potentially deadly infection.

Surgery leads to life-threatening infections and thirteen more surgeries
Posted 09/19/04 by Julie of Reidville,

In 2001 I contracted four infections during a partial hysterectomy resulting in flesh-eating bacteria. I went into septic shock, was resuscitated three times, went into multiple organ failure, was placed on life support, spent three days in a coma and nine days in critical care…

Stories about Medical Errors

Near-death experience after Dilaudid administration
Posted 04/02/09 by E. Carol Rosheck of

I was admitted to the hospital in January 2005 into the emergency room because I had viral meningitis. This was the second bout. The first was in October 2004 and it followed brain surgery in June 2004.

Multiple sclerosis patient given wrong medication
Posted 06/03/08 by Tatiana of San Francisco,

Between all my issues and symptoms, the wrong medication was given.