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Stories about Doctor Accountability

“Rampant neglect and mistreatment”
Posted 04/09/09 by Edward Martin of

My father, Edward Martin, was riding a bicycle when he was struck by a vehicle in the bike lane. The collision broke his neck. After emergency CPR at the scene, he was transported to a university hospital in Sacramento where he received good care.

Hysterectomy results in injured colon and more
Posted 04/07/09 by Sandra of Minneapolis,

In 2002, I had what was supposed to be simple hysterectomy and ended up getting my colon poked with an instrument. They couldn’t find the hole and closed me up, and then I got septic and came so close to dying they called my family down to say goodbye to me.

Young girl driven psychotic due to medications
Posted 04/06/09 by Candace of

Our beautiful little girl Candace became psychotic after first being given overdoses of not one, but two sedatives that were not to be combined with the prescription drug she was taking. The sedatives were also administered incorrectly, by IV push, rather than titrated slowly through a saline solution.

Hospital hides cause of infant’s stillbirth
Posted by Chloe-McKayla of

The VP of Operations, Risk Management, and the Fetal Maternal Medical Doctors have hid the cause of my granddaughter, Chloe-McKayla’s stillbirth. They have refused to give her mother, LaTia, her medical records and baby’s autopsy report. LaTia was given another patient’s medication which may have irritated her infection and complicated her pregnancy; we still have that medication she was given. The same week that she was given this medication her baby died.

Cushings disease diagnosis after 30+ doctors and 7 years
Posted 04/05/09 by Steve of New Lebanon,

For years I had felt like I had the flu every day. It didn’t last long, just a few hours each evening. It started to get worse and I started to look for an answer. I also started gaining weight, even when controlling diet and exercise. The doctors did a few tests and found a tumor on my adrenal gland. They treated me for stress. I got worse on their treatment.

Misdiagnosed with aggressive cancer
Posted 04/04/09 by Trisha Torrey of

I was misdiagnosed. I was told I had an aggressive, deadly cancer, and six months to live unless I got the necessary chemo to buy myself an extra year. Despite resistance from my oncologist, I was able to prove I had no cancer at all. Almost five years later I have never had treatment.

“I’d rather have my health back”
Posted by Bob of New Orleans,

I went in for an L4-S1 spinal fusion in March 2005. When I awoke after surgery, I had intense pain all down the right side of my body. They did a CT scan and found that the pedicle screw in the right side of my L-4 vertebrae was too long, and was impinging on my nerve root.

Caught pneumonia after bladder surgery
Posted by Mark of West Hartford,

In November of 1995 my father went into the hospital for surgery on his bladder. Because someone carelessly didn’t wash properly between patients in intensive care, my father got an antibiotic resistant pneumonia which killed him in the hospital just two months before the birth of my first child, his first grandchild.

Michael Skolnik of Colorado
Posted 03/31/09 by Patty of Denver,

After Michael Skolnik passed out in September 2001, his neurosurgeon told his parents that Michael needed to have brain surgery within two days. The three hour operation lasted six hours with no cyst ever being found. This marked the beginning of a 32-month nightmare of brain surgeries, infections, and more than $4,000,000 in medical bills.

Stories about Hospital Infections/ Superbugs

ACL repair surgery leads to MRSA infection and more hospitalization
Posted 09/07/04 by Ellen of Trumansburg,

In July 1995 I had ACL repair surgery. I developed a MRSA infection within two weeks, and spent further time in the hospital being treated for that, undergoing surgery to insert drains in the infected knee, and upon discharge having whirlpool therapy in an effort to halt the infection, as well as antibiotic treatment.