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Accidentally cut off blood flow during surgery


An inept surgeon, during a repair of an abdominal aneurysm, made a mistake by cutting off the blood flow to the kidneys during my husband’s surgery. After this surgery his vitals began shutting down and he was rushed into surgery to make a repair to this mistake, but it was already too late as his kidneys had been damaged. Dialysis was given at the hospital and then afterwards he had to do it three days a week, four hours each time. He has to deal with this for the rest of his life. Before these surgeries he had a perfect report from his annual check-ups and labs. This surgeon has continued to practice as a surgeon at a well known hospital in Houston TX, even though the medical staff would have to be aware of this. I feel so angry and frustrated.

This mistake has taken away our quality of life as we are no longer able to travel and we had to sell our RV. Three days a week my husband is so tired after the dialysis treatments that he is unable to take part in activities he once enjoyed. He continually has to have surgical procedures to clean out the dialysis access lines that go directly into his veins and we never know ahead of time when this will have to be done as blood clots form in the veins unexpectedly. All of this has affected my husband mentally and physically in an adverse way.

I do not want to sensationalize what he has gone through, but I do think the medical board needs to be made aware of this, as well as the general public that may have an upcoming surgery. People need to be made aware of what is happening and any changes that are to be made. We were talked to in a very public and noisy waiting room and could not hear half of what was being said to us. In retrospect we feel we were treated in this manner because we were not VIPs. There are excellent physicians; this one was not. We have also encountered excellent physicians to whom we are very grateful.