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Barth of California


My father chose to go to the hospital in the middle of the night due to a persistent cough (which he had caught from my mother) and some shortness of breath. The doctors gave him a very high dose of steroids as an injection and then followed by steroid pills in order to help him breathe better. It was determined he did not have heart failure or pneumonia. He was very drug sensitive his whole life and had a bad reaction to the steroids. He became psychotic and combative within 1-2 days. He refused to eat and started a downhill slide. He had every test known to mankind (multiple brain MRI’s, x-rays, urine and blood tests: all came out fine). He kept pulling out all his lines so they had him in restraints, etc. After smoldering along in the hospital for 1 month with the doctors just saying we had to wait for the steroids to get out of his system, he contracted MRSA in his bloodstream, not a surprise with all the intervention, multiple IV and urinary catheters, stress, malnutrition, etc. He went into a coma and died a few days later of kidney failure only days after his 79th birthday. Written by Barth’s daughter.