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Daughter suffers medical error and hospital infections her whole life


Over the course of Meredith’s medical treatment for RDS (respiratory distress syndrome) and BPD (bronco pulmonary dysplasia), she suffered a range of medical errors, medication errors and hospital viruses and infections over ten years. Meredith had a trachea tube inserted the first year of her life and remained on O2 and in a wheelchair with severe CP until the end of her life. She also had a shunt implanted in her brain early in life that caused several problems for her health. According to her mother Debra, “Meredith was a fighter and determined to live! She also LOVED her life here in-spite of her handicaps.” In 2004, Meredith entered the hospital for a shunt repair that led to renal failure. After doctors induced a coma, which compromised her respiratory system, Meredith then contracted MRSA that was treated with antibiotics but her kidneys were so bad at that point, the antibiotics did more harm than good. At age 10, she passed away in her mother’s arms.

Read Meredith’s full story here, written by her mother, Debra Williams.

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