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David Meyer of California


In May of 2006 I was involved in a motorcycle accident and taken to a Sacramento hospital for treatment. I had sustained a fracture to my right ankle. When I left the hospital the wound would not heal. After taking lab tests it was determined that I had a staph infection that required a debridement surgery. (It turned out to be two surgeries). After leaving an area on my ankle big enough to put two golf balls in, I was hooked up to a wound vac and pic line for about 6 weeks. With the pic line I was injected with antibiotics several times a day. About a month later an infected area appeared near the wound. Another test was taken and this time it was pseudomonas (sic). The pic line was reinstalled and I was given another six weeks of antibiotics by pump several times a day. Before this experience I had no health issues, was a vegetarian, had never had a surgery or been in a hospital in my life. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I observed that my hospital care seemed unprofessional to say the least. In retrospect, the student nurses were not washing their hands, cleaning pic line connections properly, wearing gloves and so on. The reason that I know this is that later surgeries and follow up care were done at a different hospital and the difference was night and day. I would like to do something to help other unsuspecting patients from going through the hellish ordeal that I went through.