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Father Contracted C. Diff in Hospital Following Hip Replacement

I am the daughter of the deceased. My father received the hip surgery in the beginning of November 2007. The doctor was only going to repair the old replaced hip. As it was, he replaced the hip and the doctor used shorter screws and the ball fell out, but the doctor and staff never brought my Dad to x-ray to follow up because he is old. Dad went to a so- called recoup nursing home to recover, but he was slow and of course there was not enough help available for the patients. I live out of state and it was difficult to communicate, so I asked one of my siblings to ask the staff at the nursing home about my Dad’s recovery. After finding out he has had a fever for 3-4 days (that they were doctoring with Tylenol) the nursing home decided to send him back to the hospital, because after testing his blood they found out he had C. diff. Amazing, wouldn’t you say? Now he has infected how many individuals. To think that C. diff is not a reportable disease. My dad did recover somewhat, but he was in the hospital and nursing homes for over 7 months. My father was a hyper-active person, only slowing down in his later years. He was completely healthy. On the go with the grandkids and friends. This past winter was too grueling because he couldn’t get out much—he lost his battle. He died on Feb 8th from a heart attack.