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Father dies after 26 medical error ordeal

My father, aged 88, was admitted to the hospital for second and third degree burns on his buttocks and heels. He was placed on his stomach, without IV, with water in a glass on the nightstand out of his reach. He regurgitated acid from his stomach in the position he was laid, and could not drink when he needed to. His esophagus was burned by the stomach acid and he became severely dehydrated, and after 48 hours he began to have organ failure. He could no longer talk or swallow. He died after about nine days of severe suffering.

The hospital and the doctor stonewalled us, and said that my father had been in too weak condition when admitted. We tried to advocate for my father, taking turns to sit with him and trying to get whatever he needed, for which we were considered a nuisance. We had to go to court to get full disclosure. As I remember, the medical board that investigated found 26 errors by the hospital in my father’s care during this time.