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Grateful for knee replacements

What I would expect from a good warranty:
I would expect the implant to be replaced without cost for at least 10 years. But, the surgery is extremely painful for a few months. Having it done again should be free – the WHOLE cost – not just the implant cost. The MD costs, the hospital costs and the cost of dressings, labs and medications should be covered. Knee replacement also requires physical therapy which should be covered.

Peg’s story:
I wasn’t given product choices. I had both knees done and I am very glad I did. I didn’t do it to play longer and harder. I did it to stop the pain and to be able to do necessary tasks like grocery shopping. The pain before surgery was very real and very bad. Surgery was necessary just to get around without a walker or wheel chair. I was in my mid 50’s when I had both knees done.