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Health problems persist after healthcare-acquired infections


In June of 2000 I went to a Gastroenterologist because I had an attack of diverticulitis. This doctor’s way of diagnosing was to press down on the area and if the patient showed extreme pain then the patient had the disease. That’s why I had to have a colon resection. I received no antibiotics. Through the first half of 2001 I had to return to an outpatient clinic because of an infection in the wound site. The doctor kept pulling out sutures. In June of 2001 I developed a hernia due to my infection which was never cultured. The hernia was so massive that they had to use my abdominal muscles to anchor mesh. The hernia was operated on in spring of 2003. I still was having major abdominal problems and developed infectious ulcerative colitis. In 2004 I had to get an ileostomy where doctors removed my colon and I now have to wear an ostomy bag. During surgery, two walled off abscesses were found. No cultures were run but I insisted on having antibiotics.The antibiotics were not effective. Three to four months later my gall bladder burst. . I nearly died. When cultures were taken I was diagnosed with MRSA. Throughout the summer I was hospitalized with abscesses again and treated continually with antibiotics. In October of 2006 I had not been feeling well and on a trip an abscess burst. I had to be treated at the wound care clinic. I developed a fistula due to the abscess bursting through my skin. At the wound care clinic I became infected with Pseudomonas in addition to MRSA. I now do my own wound care at home. I will never be cured because the infection is in the mesh which was used to close the abdominal hernia. The mesh cannot be removed because the area it is covering is so large; therefore, more surgery is not an option. I have been told by two surgeons that I probably would not survive. The latest infection that was cultured is Acinetobacter, which is also health care-acquired.

We need to clean up our hospitals. Hospitals should not keep these infections a big secret.