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Hospital hides cause of infant’s stillbirth


The VP of Operations, Risk Management, and the Fetal Maternal Medical Doctors have hid the cause of my granddaughter, Chloe-McKayla’s stillbirth. They have refused to give her mother, LaTia, her medical records and baby’s autopsy report. LaTia was given another patient’s medication which may have irritated her infection and complicated her pregnancy; we still have that medication she was given. The same week that she was given this medication her baby died.

During the course of her pregnancy, LaTia developed a bacterial infection that was not monitored or treated properly due to "inadequate insurance" coverage which lead to negligent pre-natal care. The hospital did not fully inform LaTia about how or why she developed the infection that killed her daughter but LaTia suspects it could be linked to another hospital that had an outbreak of MRSA in the maternity ward in combination with the “cerclage” operation.

The Fetal-Maternal doctor that treated her at the hospital under her private insurance convinced her to get a cervical cerclage for an incompetent cervix, which was performed at the same time LaTia was fighting her infection. LaTia refused the surgery at first because other doctors said that operation was too risky, no one informed her that it could lead to her baby’s death. The doctor told her it was a bigger risk not to get the surgery and if she did not get it she would go into pre-term labor and her daughter would fall out in the toilet bowl.

She was told that this surgery would save her daughter’s life and guaranteed it would preserve her pregnancy but instead it led to an expecting mother’s worst nightmare. This operation was supposed to have a very close follow-up, but as soon as LaTia lost her private health insurance the Fetal Maternal doctor her she would not treat her. The doctor did not follow up on her surgery as we planned, resulting in a more severe infection that caused the stillbirth. The fetal maternal doctor stated that she made $300 per hour, so of course she could only have private patients. So what if she performed a risky operation that required expert follow up? The baby died and this doctor could care less.

The hospital refuses to give the autopsy report. At one point they told my daughter that she could not have it because it was a "legal document." There were so many careless mistakes that these expert doctors made at this hospital and now they are showing that they really are heartless by denying my daughter her medical records and her daughter’s autopsy report. Please sign this petition so that Chloe-McKayla can get a Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth. With all that Chloe-McKayla has been through, this is the least that she is entitled to.

To learn more about Chloe-McKayla’s story visit her virtual memorial by clicking here. Written by Sharone, grandmother of Chloe-McKayla.