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Knee replacement success

What I would expect from a good warranty:
I had both knees done in 2007 and my right hip in 2012. I would expect that a device of this nature should have some warranty aside from the “implied” warranty. I should think that a warranty for either a hip or knee would include the cost of the replacement surgery but my concern would be that I would not get a doctor that I had the confidence that I had with my surgeon (who did both knees and the hips).

John’s story:
I had bilateral knee replacement in June, 2007. It went better than expected. I was up the day after surgery and walking a mile at a time within a month. I also had a hip replaced in February 2012. I thought that the hip would be easier than the knees but that was not the case. While I’m back walking a couple of miles a day, occasionally the hip give me a little pain. Less each month than the month before though.