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Knee replacements causing discomfort

What I would expect from a good warranty:
I would expect a good quality components that last for as long as I was told before the surgeries, like on average 15 plus years. I was shocked when my orthopedic surgeon told me that the knee components will wear and tear more quickly if the person is active, I don’t run but I ride a bike and walk and I do use weight exercise machines at the gym to keep my legs in shape and I avoid any stress on my knees. I might be a little overweight maybe 10 lbs up but it is not a reason to require a 2nd surgery after 12 yrs, better materials that last longer should be use.

Nicanor’s story:
I have two knee replacements, one was done in 2001, and the other in October 2003. It was a big difference, before the surgeries I was in constant pain, after the surgeries no pain, nothing, it was a big relief at that time I was told that it will last approximately 15 yrs. Everything has been fine until recently I was feeling discomfort in one knee and during the Dr. appointment I was told that there was tear and wear and the discomfort was caused by loose debris and that I need a second replacement, I’m still in shock and while there is discomfort I’m not planning to go under the knife again or at least not now. I’ll see how long I can take the discomfort. I’m doing strength exercises to both my legs, trying to lose weight and see what happens. I’m 62 and active, I attend a gym 3-4 times a week.