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Multiple misdiagnoses before identifying Castleman’s disease

I just had our third child in 2001. I was explaining to the doctor that I was having some problems breathing and catching my breath, and also I had broken out in hives. The good old doctor told me that I was going through postpartum stress. So he treated me for that, but that was not the problem. Then he started sending me to heart doctors: that was a joke. He then told me that I had lupus, but then that was not the problem either.

So on 6/4/03, I was at home and I was having real bad chills, so my husband took me to the emergency room. From there they told me that I needed a blood transfusion, and if I would have stayed overnight at home I would have died because I barely had blood to live on. I was in the hospital from 6/4/03-6/11/03. So I found out that I have Castleman’s disease—a rare blood disease which is a lot like lymphoma. They do not know to treat this either.