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Multiple sclerosis patient given wrong medication


I’m a ‘human rights-disabled rights advocate since 1962.The importance of peoples learning to advocate on behalf of themselves, or loved ones is imperative in this day and age. I also sit on the San Francisco Mayors Disability Council. I thought I knew about physicians, hospitals, clinics, but was sorely deceived. My main diagnosis was multiple sclerosis, sensory peripheral neuropathy, acid reflux, nothing more other than disc cervical issues. For well over a year’s time I complained to my then physician of terrible burning pain head to toe. The pain was beyond words. For a time I was given morphine patches. I also was dealing with bronchial issues and given medication. Between all my issues and symptoms, the wrong medication was given.

My daughter phoned my physician non-stop in the days before I finally went to the emergency, but no call back or care was offered. The evening before I went in my daughter called telling the call-in physician that I was in terrible shape, please respond. The call-in nurse told her to give me some aspirin and if I did not feel well come in the morning to emergency. Next morning I went in to the nurse on call. She took one look at me in alarm, took some tests and called the head physician who was also the nephrologist/physician over to the department and my prior physician’s boss. I went in to see him. He told me I needed to report to the emergency room right away. My husband accompanied me and the next thing I was unconscious. I awoke in a sterile white room, all windows closed, hooked up to a machine. They told me I had a heart attack and I had lost all functioning of my kidneys. I went on dialysis for the next three and a half years. To date I am still on dialysis, but at another hospital. It was the worst experience of physicians/head nurse/manager I have ever had the experience of knowing or going through. It was a nightmare to say the least.