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Nearly shocked to death by defibrillator


My defibrillator fired fifteen times until I finally told them to turn it off. I said my goodbyes to my wife and told her I loved her, thinking it was over for me. The shocks stopped and nothing happened, much to my surprise, as I thought I would die. I later found that nine of the fifteen shocks were not programmed.


It was one of the most terrifying times in my life. This happened two years ago (in 2007) and I still experience phantom shocks and nightmares. It has shaken my trust in my defibrillator and caused me concern for possible future malfunctions to occur. It still causes me sleepless nights and constant worry. I reported it to the FDA and they acknowledged receipt of my case but were not at liberty to discuss the reasons behind these incidents. None of the doctors I saw explained what took place and why. I feel knowing the facts would put my mind at ease and greatly improve my quality of life and trust in my life-saving device once again.