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Overdose of Medication Administered During Surgical Procedure


I needed to have gall bladder surgery on 10/31/91, and the surgeon wanted me to have an endoscopy to see if a very large gall stone could be broken up (so I would not need major surgery, and he could possibly do the surgery lapriscopically). I was not told what drug I was going to be given, just that I was going to be given something in my IV to ‘relax me.’ I was given my first does of Versed which did nothing, then a second dose which sort of made me woozy. During the procedure I woke up 5 times choking, gasping for breath (I’m a very bad asthmatic also), and every time I woke up more Versed was pumped into my IV. I was told that I became violent (had a paradoxical reaction), and sat up on the table and tried to strangle the doctor. When I finally came to, I could barely move my head and I was covered in bruises, especially on my arms and legs. How can your body be bruised when it’s your throat being worked on? No one would tell me what happened until about a day later, when a nurse told me what had transpired during the exam: I was given an overdose of Versed, and it took 4 orderlies to pull me off the doctor. During the incident, the orderlies apparently beat me up. Since Versed is a memory loss (and date rape) drug, of course I have no memory of the incident. Now I also have about a 15-year span of my life that I have no recollection of at all…mostly of my children growing up.

Also, I was left with PTSD from this medical horror. I’ve been suffering from severe anxiety and chronic depression ever since this took place at that Florida hospital. I’ve had several surgeries since this incident occurred, and I always put that I’m allergic to Versed so that this never happens to me again. I wouldn’t wish what happened to me to happen to anyone. My life was ruined: I’m an emotional basketcase that most days can hardly function. I don’t remember anything, and I’m on 5 different medications due to this medical mishap. I’ve done everything in my power to warn people about not accepting Versed for any medical or dental procedure, and I’ve written the FDA several times to request that it be banned from use on human beings.