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Patient has to pay for contracting hospital infection

I had a cyst operation in April, 2008. I was given pre-op antibiotics. In May I started to feel horrible. I got a fever, was throwing up and had chronic diarrhea. I called my sister who is a nurse and she looked up my symptoms and told me she thought I had C-Diff. I had an appointment with the surgeon and told him what was happening. I also told him I thought I had C-Diff.

It was confirmed that I had developed C. Diff. I was put on Flagyl for 10 days. The minute I got off I had the bug again. I am presently on Vancomycin, which I will be on for the rest of my life. In addition when I went to Medicare prescription plan and put in the only pill I was taking- I was told the monthly fee would be $500.00 from the five companies that would provide this. That does not include the co-pay which would probably be $200.00. I am now down to one pill every other day for the rest of my life and I get them from Canada at a cost of $455.00 for 40 pills. Costco sells this for $692.00 for 40 pills.

So you do the math – Medicare drug coverage for $6000.00 a year plus $2400.00 for co pay. It now costs me $2100.00 from Canada to keep me alive.