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Roland Martin of Texas

I had open heart surgery in 2000 and got MRSA during the operation. Doctors went back in and removed my sternum. I was on Vancomycin for six weeks and was very ill. They went back and did two more surgeries; scraping my rib cage, another round of six weeks on antibiotics and put me on Cipro to treat the infection. The MRSA came back on me in 2007 and 2008 with an abscess on my chest right beside the scar. The infection doctor said that if the abscess burst inside me instead of outwards that it will kill me. I had a huge hole in my chest for two years. MRSA almost killed me but I was a fighter and I had a great infectious disease doctor, but it was a very bad recovery. Several people I know in this area have gotten MSRA and some have died. I was lucky. I cannot work now because I am disabled, and I think a lot is from having this horrible disease. I will have it in my body now for the rest of my life they tell me.