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Suffering long after surgery

While recuperating from kidney surgery I was "dropped off" while sleeping in my room from recovery. I woke in the morning without being able to call the nurse, not being able to adjust my bed, and I had no IV or pain medication. Even with repeated calls from my roommate the nurses never came in. My surgeon came in at 10 AM after I had been in pain since 5 AM. When I asked him for pain medication he saw I had none and stormed out. A nurse appeared two hours later to set up my IV.

That night the alarm on a "pump" that controlled a syringe full of pain medication kept shutting down and the alarm kept going off. Instead of the nurse ordering a new pump she looked me over, said "You look like you can handle it" and proceeded to inject me with the entire contents of the syringe which was about eight hours worth of pain medication. I passed out and slept until morning and then had hallucinations for the rest of that day and the following night and day. I found out later my heart rate had dropped to under 50 beats per minute during the night I first received the overdose. I complained about it after I was myself again but got no response from anyone.

During the same stay I stopped the nurses from giving me someone else’s medication on one occasion and stopped them from giving me a second dose of my blood pressure medication after already receiving it an hour earlier on two different occasions. One other time the nurses tried to give me a 100 mg tablet of my blood pressure medication instead of a 50 mg tablet. Because my heart rate was already low as was my blood pressure, any of these mistakes I stopped could have resulted in severe consequences for me.

A year earlier I had a major heart attack and these errors had the potential to kill me. I later complained about all these occurrences to my surgeon at his office and again got no response or follow-up from him or the hospital.

I never expected I would still have discomfort and a big bulge on my side from the surgery. I wasn’t told the possible consequences of the surgery, just that I had to have it . At this time I have also developed hypolymphodemia and type 2 diabetes. I don’t know if they are surgery related or not. I do know after the surgery I had what my doctor described as a huge hematoma (mass of blood) where the surgery took place (my left side between the pancreas and diaphram).  The doctor also commented many times on the large bulgeon my left side which my surgeon claims is because of the nerves that were cut durring the surgery.

I don’t get clear answers as to whether or not the  hypolymphodemia or the diabetes are related to the surgery from either my GP or the surgeon.  I am currently not working because of the hypolymphodemia and stress and am being treated for both, as well as being monitored for kidney and function because of the medications I am on.