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Surgery leads to life-threatening infections and thirteen more surgeries


In March of 2001, I contracted four infections during a partial hysterectomy- MRSA, staph, ecoli, and invasive Group A strep. These four infectious bacterias resulted in flesh-eating bacteria (necrotizing fasciitis). I went into septic shock, was resuscitated four times, went into multiple organ failure, and was placed on life support. I spent three days in a coma and nine days in critical care before beginning the recovery and reconstruction process. My husband was told that I would not have survived two more days if they had not readmitted me for what appeared to be a "hematoma" above the incision area that moved and burst my incision open.

Due to the bacteria, I had 50 square inches of my abdomen removed during the debridement procedure. There have been a total of thirteen subsequent reconstruction surgeries to rebuild my body to the best that it will ever be. I endured spinal damage, nerve damage and brain injury in addition to the loss of the abdominal wall. I continue to have my internal organs monitored on a regular basis to determine function abilities. It is a very time consuming and worrisome process.

Proving the hospital to be at fault would have been a very costly and difficult process in the state of South Carolina, especially with tort reform being introduced in our legislature at the time. I am thankful that by the grace of God and the wonderful ability He gave to many doctors, who have and continue to care for me, that I recovered to the best of my ability. Sometimes, when a patient is unable to sue for a medical liability issue, it just would have been nice to hear these two words "I’m sorry".