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Young girl driven psychotic due to medications


Our beautiful little girl Candace became psychotic after first being given overdoses of not one, but two sedatives that were not to be combined with the prescription drug she was taking. The sedatives were also administered incorrectly, by IV push, rather than titrated slowly through a saline solution. Two days after those initial errors, which placed her in the PICU, she was given four times the amount of the original medication which put her in the hospital in the first place, and then sent home with no warning about her continuous psychosis and hallucinations.

The result of their inept procedures caused irreversible damage to her heart, increased her heart rate and caused her to run a fever. Candace came home on a Wednesday evening, and hanged herself late Saturday afternoon, while in a psychotic state. The autopsy revealed a high dose of the medication I had witnessed them giving her, a medication they told me was simple Tylenol.

I can never forget their response when we questioned their actions and what they were doing to our daughter; "We have no idea what we are doing" and "We are out of our league on this one." Did it ever occur to them to confer with specialists who might know rather than hiding the truth from us? Apparently not, and we paid the ultimate price for trusting them.

Written by Mathy, mother of Candace.