Surgeon Misrepresented His Skills And Risks Of Surgery

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I received a surgery I never needed that was barbaric, called Thoracic Outlet Surgery. The surgeon misrepresented both his skills and the risks of this surgery–on a form I signed. He cut out half my neck and my first rib and paralyzed my diaphragm muscle, paralyzed my scapula muscle, all for no reason.  He also caused severe damage to my neck structures and more. He was NOT qualified to do such a complex surgery as it was the third approach into the front of my neck. He is NOT a neurosurgeon. He needs to be stopped. The Medical Board did a SHAM peer review of my surgeon and let him off the hook–I have documents to prove this. I tried to sue IN PRO PER but was too disabled, so case was dismissed–though I DID file it. Malpractice attorneys were ferocious and threatening. Due to tort reform, MICRA, in California there is a CAP on Pain and Suffering of $200,000, so no attorneys bother with Medical Malpractice cases anymore–because they are not profitable to them, and they have a hard time finding and paying for the high costs of expert witnesses.  The more complex the case–the less likely any injured patient will find an attorney (especially if they were not a high wage earner prior to getting damaged). I will never work or teach again. I am dying a slow and painful death–and no doctors will help to assess me now. All doctors fear helping victims of medical crime so patients are left to die. I need any help you can offer me to stay alive. Thank you. Ms. Bobbie Jane Jenke, CA Special Education Teacher, Disabled by Medical “Profession.”