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Daily work and school commitments lead more and more often to eat outside the home.

So during lunch breaks it happens more and more often to resort to bars or restaurants that are easily reachable from the office or the university. And how to say no to dinners out with friends or business lunches?

Eating Healthy: 8 Diet Questions Answered | Cedars-SinaiIt is true that eating correctly has become more and more complicated; however it is possible to reconcile these habits with a good and healthy diet, which benefits both well-being and psychophysical health. Find out how by following these tips, usually also suggested by the nutritionist. Are you ready?

How to eat away from home so as not to gain weight

It happens to be on a diet and to follow a precise nutritional program with lots of foods and quantities of nutrients to be included daily, ie carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, calories and fats. So, those who have decided to lose weight, already prepare the foods recommended by the dietician or nutritionist in time to take away from home or to eat on a lunch break in the office.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Not to mention when the weekend arrives: there are always some invitations to dinner out in a pizzeria or restaurant from friends or family. So what to do?

No problem: just go!

There Are No Rules for Healthy Eating - Outside OnlineThe important thing is to pay attention to the dishes you order so as not to compromise the line. And remember that in every diet, suggested by the nutritionist, there is always a free meal once a week. It will be up to you to decide whether to use it on this occasion or be careful to enjoy it in another situation.

  • So let’s start with lunch where the first warning is to avoid sandwiches or sandwiches soaked in sauces.
  • So choose fillings and light ingredients; therefore, raw ham, bresaola and smoked salmon with a few leaves of lettuce or rocket and tomato slices are recommended.

As for the bread, it is better to opt for a crunchy variety, such as ciabatta, instead of a focaccia or a soft sandwich. And in fact, this is precisely where the trick lies: because with a more crunchy bread you will have to chew more and therefore this is already enough to satiate you as well as to digest better. While with a soft bread you will have to eat it in a single bite with the risk of weighing you down and not digesting well.