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Compensation for medical malpractice

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For years for the defense of victims of medical malpractice Specialized in medical error compensation for years The Law Firm specializes in dealing with cases of professional liability of the doctor and healthcare facility.

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Our mission is to ascertain with the utmost care the sustainability of every single case of medical error and to obtain the right relief for the victims with a guarantee of compensation without any advance expense.

We guarantee you experience and efficiency and a constant supply of assistance Law Firm: speed, professionalism and experience in requesting compensation for medical errors.

Legal Medical Evaluation

A serious and thorough medical-legal evaluation is the basis for a successful judgment: our doctors work closely with specialists in every branch of medicine to guarantee you a reliable technical evaluation.

Multi-specialist interventions

Thanks to the multi-specialist intervention you will not be induced to take legal cases without foundation and / or sustainability. Medical error: what to do to obtain compensation for damages?

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Medical Mistakes What To Do?

Short guide to understand what medical errors are and what to do to get the right compensation for damages.

What is a medical error?

A medical error is, in general, a divergence from a rule of conduct. The Healthcare, therefore, carries out an action that differs from that provided for by law, or fails to act where a legal obligation required him to do so.

Nowadays, the rule of conduct to be respected is to be found in the recommendations provided for by the so-called “Guidelines” drawn up by scientific bodies and societies registered in a special list kept by the Ministry of Health.

In the absence of such recommendations, health professionals must comply with the so-called “Good clinical-care practices”.

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  • TABLE OF CONTENTS | Medical Errors
  • Characteristic traits of medical negligence
  • Classification of medical errors
  • Types of medical errors
  • Errors in the use of drugs
  • Surgical errors
  • Errors in the use of the equipment
  • Diagnostic tests or procedures
  • Errors in timing
  • What to do in case of medical errors?

Characteristic traits of medical negligence

The conduct of the health care professional, to materialize a medical error, must be characterized by fault. The attribution of medical error as negligence is linked to the violation of precautionary rules which, if respected, would have avoided the harmful event.

In this regard, a distinction is made between so-called fault. generic and so-called fault specific. The fault is considered “generic” when the error occurs due to: Negligence: neglect or lack of attention in carrying out the activity (eg, the ferrist who forgets a gauze in the patient’s abdomen);

  • Imprudence: recklessness or poor weighting in carrying out the activity (eg, the doctor who suggests an excessively risky treatment);
  • Inexperience: technical inability or lack of experience (the surgeon who makes a mistake in performing a routine operation).