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Off-Label Drug Marketing Is ‘Free Speech,’ Court Rules

A federal appeals court ruled that a drug company’s marketing of a drug “off label” which means it is marketing the drug for a use not approved by the FDA, is a matter of free speech.

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Let’s talk about labels

A bill in California (SB 1390) would create a minimum of 12-point font for the most crucial information on medication labels and would require translation of medication label information into commonly used non-English languages.

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California Pharmacy Board Should Support Safer Medication Labels

Guest blog post written by Syed Sayeed, Policy Analyst at Consumers Union’s West Coast Office. CU is calling on California residents to submit comments to the Pharmacy Board by March 10th, in support of requiring all pharmacies to print important label information in at least a 12-point font size.

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FDA warns parents on cough medicine for kids

After hundreds of serious injuries and a handful deaths, the FDA warns parents not to give cough medicine to children under 2 years old.

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Battle for safer drugs now in the House

It’s time for action. With strong legislation sitting in committee, the House has a chance now to take a hard line against the drug industry.

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Drug companies pushing for another payday!

I may have discovered an unknown side effect of those prescription drug TV ads—lowering my IQ. As I digested new diseases, wondering if I have them, and new cures, wondering if I should ask for them, the drug companies apparently walked away with all the money.

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