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A Common Hospital Infection May be Coming To Us From Food

“The infection is Klebsiella pneumoniae, a stubborn gut-dwelling organism that can cause pneumonia, bloodstream infections and meningitis. The finding that it is present in food—and in some cases, practically genetically identical in food and in hospitals”

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3 Hospital Superbugs You Should Know By Name

Last week, various news outlets reported on a superbug outbreak at UCLA hospital linked to two patient deaths and nearly 180 possibly infected.

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MRSA Infection Rates Drop in Veterans Affairs Long-Term Care Facilities

APIC Study: A MRSA prevention program implemented nationwide in 133 VA long-term care facilities has shown a dramatic decrease in MRSA infections (36% overall reduction). The MRSA prevention program utilizes a bundled approach that includes screening every patient for MRSA, use of gowns and gloves when caring for patients colonized or infected with MRSA, hand hygiene, and an institutional culture change focusing on individual responsibility for infection control.

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Superbug poses danger in hospitals

Consumers Union story sharer Barbara Thom interviewed by CBS Evening news about a hospital infection that nearly cost her her life.

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