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“It’s not just statistics…it’s somebody’s Mom”

Hospital infections leave a lasting impact on the individuals and families who had to experience them. For Mary Brennan-Taylor, hospital infections took the life of her mother, Alice Brennan, who passed away in 2009 after entering the hospital for pain and swelling in her leg.

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Video: Advice on staying safe in the hospital–from the experts

Hear advice from consumer advocates on patient safety.

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Recall Announcement Affects Consumers Union Employee

Medical recalls can indicate potential risk of serious injury or death to patients, but they often go unnoticed.

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Jon Stewart: What If We Classified Hospital Infections as Terrorists?

Surgeon and author Atul Gawande, M.D., discusses the surgical checklist on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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Let’s talk about MRSA

Learn about MRSA from the people who have had personal experiences with this harmful superbug.

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RFO Encounters in Pennsylvania

You’ve heard of UFOs but have you heard of RFOs? 194 Pennsylvanians could tell you about their RFO encounter last year – that’s how many cases of “retained foreign objects” were reported to that state’s Patient Safety Authority in 2008.

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Watch Money-Driven Medicine

A new documentary, Money-Driven Medicine, offers a thoughtful perspective to the health care reform debate that couldn’t be timelier.

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Activists speak out at Presidential health care forum

Your stories matter. We are listening—and we’re getting those at the highest levels of government to listen, too.

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Raise your hand if you’ve had a hospital-acquired infection

More people know about hospital acquired infections and medical errors than you might think, and not just from watching Oprah.

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Mother against medical error

Helen Haskell, founder of Mothers Against Medical Error (MAME), became a patient safety advocate after her 15 year old son died from a medical error in 2000. Watch her story.

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