Terri Sutton

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In October of 2008, Terri wanted to become involved in her state’s special election in a real way. With each passing day, she became angrier about the TV ads the drug companies were constantly running to defeat real drug price reform.

As an e-activist with Consumers Union, Terri received an email from us in late October, asking for volunteers to come in to our West Coast Office in San Francisco to help reach voters by phone on Prop 79. Although she has a full-time job, Terri was excited to help out in any way she could, and she volunteered to make calls to voters one Sunday afternoon and one weeknight, for hours at a time!

After the election, Terri wrote in a note to Consumers Union, “Thank you, again, for the opportunity to ‘do something’ and for the lovely election night party you guys put on. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a vastly stronger showing — and a WIN — for 79. But at least 78 was also defeated, in spite of the money the drug companies spent.

You did have a great group of volunteers, and I was absolutely delighted to see how many young people were involved in the campaign. It gives me hope as to the political future…and that’s no small thing to have.”