The Dirty Truth: Spread the Word, not the Germ

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Recently two studies (New England Journal of Medicine and Office of Inspector General of USHHS) found that 1 in 4 hospital patients are harmed during the course of their care. This harm includes such things as hospital acquired infections, surgical errors, serious bedsores, and medication errors. While the responsibility of keeping patients safe lies clearly in the hands of hospitals and doctors, there are actions that patients can take to ensure that their stay in the hospital is as safe as possible.

Last November, the Safe Patient Project gathered 30 patient safety advocates in Austin, TX for a conference. Most of these advocates have personally experienced a medical error or hospital infection—or had family members who did—during their hospital care. We thought they would be a great source of information for other consumers. Watch this video of their advice on how to stay safe in the hospital. See what Consumer Reports Health recommends for staying safe in the hospital.

What advice do you have?