They are called burgers but they are vegan

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The boom of synthetic and veg meat

For some time the word “sustainability”, together with “green”, has entered our vocabulary, but it has also arrived on our tables, in the form of foods that are increasingly attentive to the environment, to the effects that agriculture and intensive farming they may have on natural balances.

The choices in the supermarket and in grocery stores are increasingly oriented to these aspects and gradually, thanks to a greater openness to “exotic” or new flavors, the range of dishes that enter our kitchens increases.

An example is given by the spread of synthetic meat, which is different from “vegetable” meat.

“If mushrooms and algae are products already present in nature, vegetable meat is a bit of an oxymoron. It is okay to eat vegetables, soy or legume burgers are welcome, even if the amino acid content is lower than that of meat, but we could also call them in another way because in reality they are more vegetable substitutes »says Baldini.

«The same goes for synthetic meat, with some extra caution: nutritional labels should be read carefully to check the specific ingredients, the quality and above all the presence of additives. Let’s not forget, however, that these are laboratory products, therefore the result of industrial processes and elaborate manipulations »explains the nutritionist.

They are called burgers but they are vegan

How synthetic meat is produced

To obtain synthetic meat, in fact, induced pluripotent stem cells (the so-called iPSCs) are used, ie blood or skin cells reprogrammed and kept in a “culture medium” formulated with carbohydrates, fats, proteins and minerals necessary for development.

“If you really want to eat in a sustainable (and healthy) way, you can always limit the intake of meat, but choose it carefully, perhaps from non-intensive farms, or you can prefer fish caught (and not massively reared) and of small size , or even organic eggs from hens that scratch on the ground: this is in any case a sustainable choice from an environmental and also an ethical point of view »says the doctor.

“Low alcohol cocktails are not a trend, but in reality a necessity that is becoming more and more popular. For the aperitif time, but also for conviviality at lunch, people with special dietary needs, women on a diet and more”.

How synthetic meat is producedThe words of Ago Perrone, best bartender in the world with his Connaught for The World’s 50 Best Bars for two consecutive times, introduce what will be one of the most important food trends of this 2022 that has to come, just appearing in our lives with a few small steps.

An important moment of reflection, that of the end of the year for the food and wine sector, which for the second time in a row finds itself reflecting, in the analysts’ forecasts, not only the awareness of those who know a particular sector well, but even more the state of health and art of a society that has profoundly changed over the last 24 months, which is reflected here in one of the most important sectors of everyday life.

  1. Where until 2019 people insisted on modern sophistication in industry, in 2021 and 2022 even more we talk about an important return to ethics, investments in (necessary) delivery, a stronger attention to our health and planet.
  2. Because everything goes from food, after all, and from queues to supermarkets in full lockdown to cultivated fields stopped for lack of manpower, in recent times it is a bit clearer to everyone.