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What if you are in the mood for sweet? Here, if you really can’t do without it, choose baked desserts without cream or cream filling and then let’s talk about fruit tarts, donuts, ice creams and sorbets.

Otherwise, if you are tempted by a creamy spoon dessert at the end of the meal, then eat less at the other meals of the day. As for seasonal fruit at the end of the meal, it would be better not to order the fruit salad containing alcohol and sugar. In fact, it is better to eat an apple, two mandarins or a peach.

Correct eating habits

Among the main rules for a healthy diet is to drink plenty of still water even in the office or in other workplaces. Avoid sugary drinks and do not consume alcohol. A good idea, to start well with the daily food program, is to have a nutritious breakfast, where the ideal foods are yogurt, cereals, fruit, milk, wholemeal bread and honey.

  • 2020 Good Food Is Good Medicine Blog Articles | Health Tips | UC Davis HealthA tip, those who do not digest milk can very well drink a cup of Lactose-free Zymil Uht Bio Milk which gives the right energy boost for the whole day.
  • If you want a healthy drink, get an energy smoothie with ginger, carrots and orange.
  • Or indulge yourself in mixing various fruits and vegetables together.

There are some offices where a blender has been set up in the coffee area and, every day, the various employees compete to bring fruit and vegetables, to create delicious and healthy drinks for the break.

  • Then, in order not to arrive hungry for lunch and dinner, two snacks are recommended, one mid-morning snack and another in the afternoon.
  • During these two breaks, fresh or dried fruit, yogurt and pieces of raw vegetables such as carrots or celery should be eaten.

Every now and then treat yourself to a small cup of ice cream, perfect the Zymil Carte d’or ice cream with coffee. Instead, limit certain foods such as crackers, savory and sweet snacks, cappuccinos, and coffee.

Pay attention to the Mediterranean diet

Smart Snacking for You and Your Family | Publix Super Market | The Publix CheckoutAlways remember the principles of the Mediterranean diet, compatible with proper eating even outside the home.

More than a diet, it is a balanced diet inspired by the Mediterranean tradition and which has been recognized as one of the most valid lifestyles in terms of nutrition and eating habits. It is mainly based on fresh seasonal products of local origin.

  • For a more conscious choice of food, it is therefore necessary to keep in mind the food pyramid that summarizes the Mediterranean diet.
  • Yes, therefore, to the fibers contained in fresh fruit and vegetables in season to be consumed every day in several portions.
  • Yes also to complex carbohydrates with the use of products based on whole grains and flours, rather than refined and white, and to yogurt and milk.

On the other hand, fats, such as butter, should be limited, but not cold-pressed organic olive oil.

Healthy Eating 101: Smart SnackingFurthermore, the Mediterranean diet recommends a higher consumption of vegetable proteins (nuts, legumes, oilseeds, soy and tofu) than animal ones. Among the foods containing animal proteins, white meats are preferable to red meats. Eggs and dairy products follow. Finally, at the apex of the pyramid there are sweets, sausages, spirits, sugar to be drastically reduced.