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Consumer Reports Releases Investigative Report on Drug Pricing

After intensive investigation into the driving forces behind drug pricing , CR uncovered five key reasons consumers are seeing their costs skyrocket.

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A Tragic Reminder How Fragile Life Is

Kim Witczak, member of the Safe Patient Project activist network, writes a personal tribute to her good friend, Karen Langhart, who was an advocate on the dangers of Nuvaring and other 3rd generation hormonal birth controls that have been linked to the death of her daughter and countless other women. Karen was also a member of the Safe Patient Project network.

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There are no conflicts of interest for a pilot

David Antoon, Safe Patient Project activist network member and retired pilot argues that errors in health care are not treated like errors in aviation.

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A Cautionary Tale: Dangers of Antibiotic Overuse

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are associated with severe adverse reactions, which may be permanent and life-threatening.

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Tell the FDA and NIH to Enforce the Clinical Trial Reporting Law!

Medical research institutions, universities and hospitals violate a federal law by not reporting clinical trial results to a national registry of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants.

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The Low-Down Dozen: Consumer Reports flags twelve hospitals for low infection prevention ratings

Today Consumers Union, the policy in action arm of Consumer Reports, is launching “The Low-Down Dozen,” a social media project to call attention to twelve hospitals that earned low scores for avoiding five infections in our latest ratings.

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Art & Patient Safety Awareness: What does Patient Safety Mean to You?

Guest post by Rex Johnson and Yanling Yu, Founders of Washington Advocates for Patient Safety. On August 15, WAPS organized a booth at the Woodinville Festival and Street Fair in Seattle to raise awareness about medical harm. It was a big success!

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Medical Board of California: Every Patient Must Know if Their Doctor is on Probation to Make an Informed Decision

Suzan Shinazy, retired RN and Patient Safety Advocate with Consumers Union’s California Safe Patient Project explains how many consumers cannot access medical board information online, and why the California medical board should require doctors to provide their probation status to patients at the place of business.

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Congress puts pharma before patient safety with 21st Century Cures

A bill in Congress has several key provisions that would significantly weaken consumer protections and lead to patients being exposed to potentially unsafe or ineffective drugs and medical devices. Tell your Senators you support safe, effective, and affordable cures.

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Guest post: Einstein, Secrecy and the Medical Board of California

Guest post by Rae Greulich, member of Consumers Union’s California Safe Patient Network “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” –Albert Einstein In an attempt to drive home the responsibility of first line health care workers to care meticulously for hospital inpatients, a California physician asked his staff Continue Reading

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